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Central A/C Units

Central A/C Units

What Type Of Central A/C Unit Do You Need?

Those that are salespeople for heating and air units will tell their customers to use ultra high efficiency air conditioning units which can be very expensive. In reality, you don’t actually need to get such an expensive unit if you want to keep your house cool. There are homeowners that will use 16 SEER units which will work perfectly fine. They can later upgrade to a better model if they need to do this, and can do it responsibly.

You shouldn’t take this the wrong way as I am not against air-conditioners that are energy efficient. Actually, I think they’re great. What I don’t like salespeople that are going to mislead people in order to simply make higher commissions by selling them something that they simply do not need.

What I would like to do is help you decide a couple things on your own…

What kind of air conditioner should you use to cool your home
What are the factors that make expensive units more appealing

What Kind Of Air Conditioner Should You Use To Cool Your Home

There is a basic premise that you need to start with which is that a 13 seer air conditioning unit is going to work just fine. Even if a salesperson tells you it won’t, it’s going to work.

Should You Install A 16 Or 17 SEER A/C Unit?

The answer to this is that simply depends. It may be surprising for some of you, but spending the most money is not always the right way to go. You should try to use one that make sense for you, or is going to work with you financially right?

The following reasons are why people tend to install these high efficiency AC units:

Utility bills are the highest in the summer
Certain energy rebates might help out
Sometimes you can get special financing
High Utility Bills During The Summer

If you are in a two-story home with high ceilings, or something similar, it’s going to cost a lot to keep everyone comfortable inside. Your utility bills are going to be high, and with the 16 SEER unit or larger, this is going to help you out. If you are replacing an old furnace or air conditioner, you will want to use something that is covered by a good warranty.
16 SEER units are going to be much more efficient than those that are below it, and the 17 SEER is going to be even better.
It’s definitely worth taking the time to spend a little bit to calculate how much you can save when you are looking at these different machines. You need to simply multiply the energy efficiency, and along with your average utility bill during the summer, you can find out how much it will cost. Then, multiply that times four or five and you will get the total amount you will spend. This will reflect all of the months that you will probably use it in the Chattanooga area.
All of this is going to show you what your annual utility bill is going to be with the extra savings. You could save as much as $300 a year by installing one of these better units. The rebates that you get could provide you with $1500 in savings, but will actually take you five additional years to recover the cost. That’s why it is worth installing one of these better units to take advantage of this energy savings.

Single-Stage vs 2-Stage A/C Units

I have also been considering different types of units which are single and double stage, and I think I have actually found one that has a plain English version that will be easy to understand. A simple way to understand the difference is the following…

Single-Stage A/C Units

The air conditioning units that are single-stage could be compared to something like a lightbulb. They are either on or off.
If your air conditioning unit is single-stage, it really doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, the unit will be always working at full capacity. This is perfect on hot days, but you are going to lose a lot of money on days where it is not that hot outside.

2-Stage A/C Units

These units are very much different, similar to a ceiling fan, with a low and high speed setting. (except you say stage instead of speed)

If the weather is warm, your air conditioning unit will run, but it will not be on full strength when you are using a two-stage air conditioning unit that has a lower speed setting. This is why having this extra speed is so important when you are working with different temperatures every day. Of course, this would not be a problem if you are running a central air-conditioning unit with a thermostat because it would simply turn on or off depending upon the temperature setting. Going back to the two speed units, when the temperature increases, you can ramp it up to high speed in order to take advantage of all of the extra cooling that it can provide. This is why you are going to pay the extra money for this unit which has to different speeds so that you can save a considerable amount of money on your electric bill as a result of not using it to its full extent which is what you get with a single speed AC unit.

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