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A/C Tune Ups

A/C Tune Ups

Chattanooga A/C Tune Up Services

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Any of our HVAC professionals will be able to come out to your area to improve the safety, performance, and maximum efficiency of your entire system.

We provide the best Chattanooga air conditioning services for tuneups, annual checkups, and in-depth troubleshooting inspections that will allow them to determine what problems you are currently facing and resolve those issues before the summer months arrive.
In Chattanooga, the summer months can put quite a bit of stress on an AC unit simply because of how hot and dry it can be, and and air conditioning tune up will allow your unit to run at optimal efficiency levels to keep everyone in your family cool inside. Your AC unit is going to be a substantial investment, and the professionals at our company do annual air conditioning tuneups that will help extend its life, and also allow you to avoid any type of costly repairs that may show up later on.

Chattanooga Heating & Air’s 18-Point Air Conditioning Tune Up Includes:

Evaluate thermostat operation
Clean or replace filter (customer supplied)
Coolant and pressure level inspection
Check the system’s temperature split
Inspect outdoor disconnect
Inspect evaporator coil
Inspect outdoor coil
Inspect fuses
Tighten electrical connections
Check all wiring and contacts
Run and test system
Inspect electrical safety circuits
Inspect indoor blower motor for dirt buildup
Inspect relays, contractors, and pressure controls
Check compressor amperage at system startup
Inspect sealing of ducts and secure panels
Inspect bearings and lubricate moving parts where necessary
Inspect condensate drain
Air conditioning unit systems have many different components and all of these can be looked at to make sure they are operating properly, many of which can help extend the overall life of the air conditioner itself. There are many homeowners that may neglect to do tuneups on their air conditioner and will find that the HVAC system that they are using will require more repairs than those that are able to receive regular maintenance from a professional.  Click here for some duct cleaning tips.

If you want to get fast reliable air conditioning services, call: 423-702-6399

You can also use the contact form on our website to schedule an AC repair service call.

This company is a family owned and operated HVAC business that provides reliable heating and air conditioning services throughout Chattanooga.


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